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In order to develop a strong foundation for our time together, I ask new clients to agree to come in for 3 initial sessions. This allows us time to get to know one another, discuss your comfort in working together, and to learn about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as we develop goals for therapy. 


During your initial appointment, we will discuss what is happening in your life right now that has brought you to therapy, and what you would like to get from our time together. We will discuss what you can expect from me and the therapy process, as well as my office policies. This can be an ideal time to focus and reflect on your life experiences and personal story, and any other information you believe is relevant as we begin our work together.


Follow-up appointment: The second appointment allows us to discuss in greater detail your concerns, needs, and struggles and to delve more into your personal life story and childhood experiences that you think may be relevant in addressing your issues and concerns. 

Comfortable psychotherapy office
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