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Parenting is singlehandedly one of the most significant and joyous experiences that we will have in our lifetimes. It also happens to be one of the most intense jobs we will ever encounter, not only because it's a constant test of patience and energy, but also because of the lasting, far-reaching consequences of how we decide to tackle this role in our everyday lives. With parenting comes stress, worry about whether we're doing it 'right,' heightened emotions, many moments of remorse, and many more tumultuous yet memorable moments to come. Everyday I try to remind myself of the adage "Children learn what they live." 

As a therapist and a parent, I work with parents and kids because it is precisely these everyday moments that count. The stance I take is that as parents, we must first take care of ourselves and engage in our own self-care if we are to lovingly give of ourselves, teach, and play with the very people who we most want to become happy, socially responsible, and self-sufficient people when they leave us and venture out into the world on their own. I work with parents of young people I see in individual therapy to support the therapy process, parents who have concerns about their child and their child is reluctant to come in . . . . Please feel free to call or email me about your unique concerns and situation.  

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